The evolution of the electric mobility sector is moving faster than many are expecting. Forecasts show the tipping point for electric vehicles to impact the market is 2020. By 2030 - 2040, we believe vast majority of transportation will be electric.

By watching the transportation industry change towards this new technology with electrification along with autonomous vehicles; we believe our business must evolve if we want to be relevant in the future of the transportation industry. The future of transportation will be vehicle to vehicle communication as well as vehicle to charging communication, creating a new model of transportation.

The transportation industry is vitally important for our economy. Goods and services move everyday through transportation, making it the heartbeat of the global economy. Think of a world where traffic is essentially gone and transportation is seamlessly efficient. Think of how this can save businesses time, saving them money. Electric mobility will increase efficiency, therefore, giving businesses more productivity.  Our vision at Blue Energy is to be able to help connect the dots on a large scale, strategically placing infrastructure in place for electric mobility to be more efficient and economical for all sectors and people.